Every now and then I select a letter or an email among the beautiful thousands I receive every year from my fans. 

I feel like sharing this one. 
Thanks for your warmth 



Hello Maestro, 

I've purchased your song "Generosity" on your site in both versions. 

I listened to them now and I'm so very impressed. This may be your greatest work. Please let me take a moment to explain. 

Clearly you have something to say. It's spoken to perfection here. I believe that for a composer to create something that evokes such emotion, that composer must have truly experienced the beauty in life and, by the sound of these, had to also let it go. I believe that you cannot capture the beauty of the butterfly. You can only hope that it will grace you with its presence. Sometimes the greatest love is experienced only by letting it go. Sometimes, with the passing of time, life makes us do that very thing. Age makes us more the wise old spectators, not the embracing player as perhaps we may be more familiar. 

What I believe I hear written between the notes of "Generosity" is an elder statesman, reflecting upon some tender thought or memory. I feel the warmth in heart and a longing to live the love once again. 

Of course, I have no idea what the movie situation is that this music is to soundtrack, however, I sense a passionate romantic who might be missing a day long since past. I see an image of a weathered individual, viewing backward upon the great many steps taken, cast against the wide open expansion that encompasses his life. His reflection speaks his heartfelt thoughts through a language that only his music can translate. I become the avid listener as someone reads to me a story, reliving my own heartfelt memories of long ago. 

I've always found your style of musical play to be extremely precise, very bold and perhaps, and I mean this in all the nicest possible ways, uniquely erratic. Like that of a blustery day where all of a sudden, the wind takes up all the leaves and scatters them all about. 

For someone who appears to have quite the flare for dramatic presentation, your work here is soulfully connected. The kind of music that one might expect Bocelli to be singing along side with. However, never do I sense a departure from your characteristic, "structure in creation". Rather, you appear to have mastered your ability to partner "emotions" and "drama" and without stepping on toes. 

What I find most intriguing, is your structured downward spiral. It's beautifully orchestrated and yet masculine, mechanical and seemingly squared as it descends. For me, this creates a more aggressive desire to go back and reclaim what I feel is still mine. I don't believe I've heard this done quite as well as you provide here. 

Stefano, our paths may never cross. I know you mostly as a musical artist. We've share some conversation in messages. I understand you to be a deep thinker, to have a wide perspective and who has a lot to say. When you say it in your music, you exude with passion. Like that of a volcano. However, even as such, I find you to be quite deliberate, structured and very precise with all you wish to convey. There's a beauty to be found in this, but not for the emotions featured but rather for the architectural structure that you use to convey these thoughts and points. I believe that the real you, few ever truly get to know. It's like with Paul McCartney. We can listen to the music, read his writings, view the interviews, but we only get what he is willing to let us know, not the person inside. 

That's okay. I don't need to know why the volcano blows, just marvel at it's splendor. 

Stay true to who you are. Share only that you wish to convey and the relationships that you create will be just as healthy as any other become the relationships that you create will be based on positive thought. 

Cheers my far away friend. What you do and how you do it is just fine with me.

 Thank you for sharing your work with me. 

Thank you for keeping me included. You've done a great job here with this. I wish you great success. 


Cheers and best regards,